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Retrieving monitoring information

To access monitoring functions, select Monitoring from the main menu bar, and select
the category and function of interest. Results are displayed in tabular format, with the
ability to page to more results. In some cases the information is color coded to
facilitate easier analysis. The reload button re-issues the monitoring query, facilitating ad-hoc snapshots of monitoring data.

Category Function Description
Asterisk Events Asterisk event log (/var/log/asterisk/event_log)
Asterisk Messages Asterisk messages log (/var/log/messages)
Asterisk Queues Asterisk queue log (/var/log/queue_log)
Channels Asterisk CLI (show channels). Lists channels in use and active calls.
Database Displays the PBX configuration database
Set log level brief Enable logging of notices, warnings and errors only
Set log level verbose Enable logging of DTMF, verbose messages,  notices, warnings and errors
DHCP Configuration
Dahdi system Dahdi span configuration (/etc/dahdi/system.conf)
Dahdi channels Dahdi channel configuration (/etc/asterisk/chan_dahdi.conf)
Extensions Extension configuration file (/etc/asterisk/extensions.conf)
IAX peers IAX peer configuration file
IAX registrations IAX registrations configuration file
Network interfaces System nerwork interface configuration file (/etc/network/interfaces)
SIP peers SIP peer configuration file
SIP registrations SIP registrations configuration file
mISDN ports mISDN configuration file
mISDN configuration mISDN stack configuration file (/etc/mISDN.conf)
Reload Asterisk Reloads the Asterisk PBX. Results in reload of SIP, IAX, dahdi and mISDN. Complete service loss during reload.
Reload IAX Reloads the IAX module.
Reload SIP Reloads the SIP module. Causes SIP trunks and extensions to re-register.
Reload mISDN Reloads the mISDN module. Service to BRI channels will be lost while reloading.
Reload Dahdi Reloads the dahdi module. Service to analogue and PRI channels will be lost while reloading.
Apache Restart the web server
Asterisk and drivers Restart the PBX software as well as DAHDI and mISDN drivers
MySQL Restart the database server
Audit Performs a system audit and present items requiring attention to the user
Disk usage Displays system mount points, their capacity and usage statistics.
Network status System network interface status (ifconfig) Displays interfaces, whether they are Up and their Rx, Tx and error statistics. Also shows IP configuration for each interface.
Performance Displays system performance snapshot, including CPU performance, active processes, memory usage and page file usage.
System log Displays the system-wide log. This includes information, warning and error messages from system-wide applications and services (/var/log/syslog)
Dahdi channels Asterisk CLI (dahdi show channels) Displays the list of channels visible to the telephony driver.
Dahdi spans status Asterisk CLI (dahdi show status) Displays the current dahdi span status. If spans are in error here, there may be a configuration problem, or a Comma device might not be reachable.
Dahdi statistics Displays statistics related to the dahdi dynamic spans, including slips and skips. If these numbers do not remain constant, it might indicate network performance issues that could result in a decrease in call quality.
Device discovery Displays the list of Comma devices visible to the Comma Manager on all networks, including their ethernet and IP configuration status.
IAX peers Asterisk CLI (iax2 show peers). Displays IAX peers that have registered with the PBX and their status.
IAX registry Asterisk CLI (iax2 show registry). Displays the PBX IAX registry. IAX trunks should be listed here when registered with IAX providers.
Manager log Displays the Comma Manager log. This is a useful resource for finding problems with Comma devices booting and channel events.
SIP peers Asterisk CLI (sip show peers). Displays SIP peers that have registered with the PBX and their status.
SIP registry Asterisk CLI (sip show registry). Displays the PBX SIP registry. SIP trunks should be listed here when registered with SIP providers.
misdn channels Asterisk CLI (misdh show channels) Displays available BRI channels
misdn stack status Asterisk CLI (misdn show stacks) Displays the ISDN BRI software stack status, including link enumeration, TE/NT configuration,  point to point and multipoint configuration and status.
Web Server
Access Log of web server access events (/var/log/apache2/access.log)
Errors Log of web server error events (/var/log/apache2/error.log)
GUI Client Log Debugging information, warnings and errors generated by the GWT-based GUI running in the browser.



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