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  6. Reviewing Call Detail Records

Reviewing Call Detail Records

The Com.X records call detail records for all calls. To access these records, select
“Call Log” from the Reports menu. Specify the period for which records should be
retrieved and select “Search”.

[Figure 98: Call record search options]

For each record, the date, channel, call source, caller ID, destination, the disposition
and duration of the call is logged.An additional UUID field is provided for each call,
containing the unique identifier, or a recording of the call, if one exists.

Note: If the outbound CID on a trunk has been configured with an override (or as
‘hidden’), the override CID will be stored in the caller ID field, not the original CID, as
well as in the Source field (empty if the override is ‘hidden’).If the extension number or a specific account code should rather be stored in the
CDR when the trunk CID has been over-ridden, configure the “Account code” field on each extension to an appropriate value. The account code is then stored in the
CDR, while the upstream telco is presented with the CID as configured on the trunk.

A results summary is displayed at the bottom of the list, where navigation of the list is
also facilitated. CDR records are stored in a database on the Com.X and can be
backed up. Please see for more detail on backing up the CDR database.
Call reports can also be exported to Portable Document Format (PDF) or in Comma
Separated Values (CSV) format for further processing.

[Figure 99: CDRs can be exported in CSV or PDF format.]