1.5 Administrator's Guide

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Configuration Status

The configuration status, indicating pending tasks and status alerts, can be viewed from the configuration menu:

When the status on the Status tab is SYNCHRONIZED, the configuration is up to date and synchronized with the underlying system configuration resources. If the status is PENDING or MODIFIED, the Review/Apply button will be emphasised and the administrator needs to review and apply the configuration using the Review/Apply button in order to synchronize.

At the top right of the GUI a status icon indicates the over-all system status. If this indicator is a green check as below, the system is synchronized and all required services are running.

If the status indicator is an orange/yellow warning symbol, the configuration requires audit and apply, or the system is in error and requires attention.

Clicking the status indicator navigates to the status panel on the GUI, displaying the overall status of the system, as well as the status of individual services.