1.5 Administrator's Guide

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Applying or Reverting a configuration

When logging in to the GUI, a model of the live configuration is created. This model is edited in the GUI, rather than the lice configuratuion. The configuration shown in the GUI will only become active after it has been applied. 

If the configuration reflected in the GUI has been edited, the Review/Apply button will become bold, to indicate an outstanding configuration apply. 

Select the Review/Apply button. A list of tasks to be applied will appear. Review the task list and select Apply to proceed. If a task will interrupt telephony service, this is marked.

To apply changes without disrupting service to users, select “Apply when no calls”. The system will monitor the number of active calls, and if all calls clear, will initiate apply. The system will remain pending Apply until all calls have terminated.

To continue configuring the system without applying, select Cancel.

During apply, individual task progress and success or failure is indicated. Once the process has completed, a confirmation is displayed.

To cancel changes and return to the configuration last applied, select the Revert button.