1.5 Administrator's Guide

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  8. Managing Packages from the GUI

Managing Packages from the GUI

The status of the two top-level packages is displayed on the Packages tab of the System Maintenance page of the Com.X GUI.

Select Start, System Maintenance and then the Packages tab.

A list showing the top level packages: com.x-base and comx-gui, as well as their versions and status is displayed.

The State column provides information comparing the version of the installed package to the version of the latest package available on the Far South Networks repository.

Several other options are available for package management, as shown below.

Check for Updates

From the advanced section of the options tab of the packages page, select Check For Updates. On this command, the Com.X connects to the repository and compares current package versions to those available.

Download updates

To download updates for a particular package, or multiple packages, select the package in the package list, or select multiple packages using Ctrl-click. A selected package is distinguished by a blue highlight.

With one or more packages selected, click Options and then Download updates.

This will pull the latest packages from the Far South Networks repository and store them on the Com.X, however it will not install the updates until requested to do so. This allows updates to be retrieved immediately, but installed at a convenient time, when service can be interrupted.

Note: If no packages are selected, the GUI will ask if you would like to download updates for the two top-level packages, comx-base and comx-gui


Select individual packages or multiple packages and then click on the Install/Upgrade option in the Options list. This will install any updates to the selected package that have been downloaded but not installed. If there are no downloaded updates, then the Com.X will download and install the updated packages from the Far South Networks repository.

Note: Installation of updates may incur a brief loss of service.


Selecting this option will reinstall any selected packages.

Fix Broken Install

Running this command with a package selected will not reinstall the package, but will force the system to work through all of its post-install steps again. This would allow for reconfiguration of installed packages.