1.5 Administrator's Guide

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  7. Adding a License

Adding a License

License archives of the form <serialnumber>_XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.zip obtained from Far South Networks are uploaded to the system via the GUI. These archives contain the relevant licenses for Farsouth (gateway or PBX) and third party software. These licenses will only work on the unit for which they are issued.

From the system maintenance page, select the packages tab, and then options, licensing, and Add License.

This will allow you to upload a license from your computer. Select they type of License you would like to add and then Browse your computer for the correct license file.


As the license file is retrieved the status bar will turn blue. Accepting will upload the selected file.

The .zip folder is then submitted for authentication. After which the GUI restarts.

After uploading a license to the Com.X, allow a few seconds for the GUI to update and refresh. If the license is accepted the appropriate GUI functionality will be available.