1.5 Administrator's Guide

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  6. Backup and Restore
  7. Managing Existing Backup Archives
  8. Restoring a backup onto a replacement system

Restoring a backup onto a replacement system

1In case of hardware failure, it might be necessary to restore the configuration of a system onto a replacement unit.To restore from a data file saved at an external location, first upload the backup to the Com.X.Select “upload” in the options menu of the relevant section. Enter or browse to, the location of the backup archive and submit.

[figure 15: showing uploading of backup archive]

Once uploaded, restore the backup onto the system.

Note: After a configuration has been restored, you will be required to apply the changes. This gives the opportunity to change any settings (network configurations in particular may need changing, to avoid loss of service) before they become active on the system.

Once restored, select Start – Configuration and then select the Hardware panel. The restored device should be listed, but the MAC address will not match that of the device in the replacement unit. As a result some telephony spans may not be available.

To update the restored configuration with the replacement device’s MAC address, edit the hardware entry (double-click or right-click-edit) and select the selection button to the right of the MAC address field and select “Update from detected”.

Note: It is important to note that the telephony port configuration of the replacement unit must match that of the system to be replaced. The restore process will only list detected devices for which the port configurations match.

Select the appropriate detected device, accept and apply the changes. A system restart may be required to ensure all telephony spans are working.

[Figure 16: update from detected mac]

Note: Updating of the MAC address is necessary only on iTA devices. Units that contain only MPX telephony devices (such as a Com.X 5 with no external iTA’s ) will not require MAC addresses to be updated.

These archives contain the relevant licenses for Farsouth (gateway or PBX) and third party software.

Note: If a configuration back up is made on a system featruing budget trunks, the remaining minutes field is set to the minutes remaining on the system at the time the back up is made. If this back up is then restored to the system, the trunk will be created with the remaining minutes field already set. This field should be manually reset after any configuration archive restoration.