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Backup and Restore

The device configuration can be backed up to the unit’s internal hard drive, or downloaded to another machine. Backups can be scheduled daily, weekly and monthly, and individual sections of the configuration can be configured for backup, each with its own schedule. Immediate backups can also be initiated. Backups are stored on the system in /var/lib/asterisk/backups/

From the Start menu, select System maintenance and then Backup. Please see section 6.6 for more information regarding manual backup and restore.

The following selection of backup sets are provided for backup:

Factory Default Configurations:

Com.X systems ship with a default factory (blank) configuration, which includes the default configuration of telephony and networking ports in the system. Default configurations cannot be deleted from the GUI, but can be stored offline and may also be uploaded to the system.


System configuration, including network, dialplan, device, trunk, extension, voicemail, inbound, outbound and FlexPath configurations, as well as all system recordings, including system recordings, announcement,  auto attendant and music on hold files. 


All user voice mailboxes with messages and the listened-to state of the messages. This could result in a substantial archive.


The system’s Call Data Record database.

Excluded from Backups:

The following items are excluded from backup and should be provided for by the system installer, using scheduled scripts or other mechanisms:

  • Custom FOP2 configuration (FOP2 configuration is generated by the Com.X GUI on apply. Custom configurations are not backed up.)

  • NFS configuration

  • Third party module / service configuration (e.g. P$X, FOP, Queue statistics, PPPoE, TNG, Man3000, device mount configurations, etc)

  • Call recording files