1.5 Administrator's Guide

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  6. Trunk Groups
  7. Creating Trunk Groups

Creating Trunk Groups

A new trunk group may be created by selecting Add, then the Trunk Group option from the Trunks page of the GUI..

A new group may also be created by selecting trunks of the same type, and selecting New Group from the context menu.




Unique identifier for this group. Analogue groups (FXO) may only be numbers from 1 – 62, and BRI groups may be any unique combination of alpha-numeric characters.


The group type. Only trunks of this type may be included in the group. Allowed types are:

  • Analogue trunk (FXO)


When the group was created from a selection of trunks, the type will automatically be selected

After creation, the new group and any ports belonging to it will be listed under the Trunk Groups node.