1.5 Administrator's Guide

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  6. Trunk Groups
  7. Editing trunk groups

Editing trunk groups

Trunk groups can be edited by right-clicking on the trunk group in the group list and selecting edit.




Enable trunk

When disabled, though part of an outbound route, the trunk group will not be attempted for outbound or inbound calls. Instead, outbound calls will fail-over to the next trunk or group in the outbound route. Individual trunks in the group will still be used if they are explicitly added to and outbound route.

Outbound caller ID

The caller ID to present for call placed via this trunk group.

Outbound dial prefix

A prefix to be prepended to all dialed numbers on all trunks in this trunk. This can be used in conjunction with the | symbol in an outbound route dial pattern to accomplish dialed number transformations across all the trunks in the group.

Round robin

Place calls using the round-robin scheme for trunk selection when placing calls using this trunk group. If not enabled, trunk selection always starts with the first available trunk in the trunk group.