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  7. Configuring Budget Trunks

Configuring Budget Trunks

To configure budget settings on any VOIP trunk, or any trunk group, select the trunk in the trunks panel of the GUI, right-click and select the Budget Settings.



Budget Mode

Select whether the trunk has an associated budget will be skipped in outbound calling routes when the budget is reduced to zero. Budget trunking is enabled when this is set to Skip When Depleted.

Reload Period

Selects the frequency at which the monthly budget is loaded on to the trunk. Monthly and Weekly patterns are available.

Reload day/date

The day of the week/month on which the budget will be reloaded. If the reload period is weekly, the reload day can vary between 1 and 7, corresponding to Monday and Sunday repsctively. If the reload period is monthly, days 1 to 28 are available and indicate the date on which the budget is to be reloaded.

Initial Charge Period (Sec)

Initail period consumed by each call. Any call shorter than this duration will constume this number of seconds from your allocated budget.

Normal Charge Period(sec)

Billing increment after the initial charge period has elapsed.

Reload Minutes

The number of minutes to reload to the system on the selected reload date.

Carry Over (%)

This indicates the percentage of the remaining unused minutes at the end of the reload period to be carried over into the next period.

Current Minutes

The initital minutes to be added to the trunk as soon as budget options are configured.

Last Reload Date

Automtacially populated: This field serves to indicate the last date on which minutes were reloaded to the trunk group.

Next Reload date

Automatically generated: This field serves to indicate the date on which the next reload of minutes is scheduled.

Note: Budget trunk configurations are backed up as a part of the configuration back up. If a backup is made whilst a trunk has minutes remaining, these minutes will be set as the Current Minutes field when the backup is restored. For accurate budget trunking, this field needs to be manually reset to zero after a configuration back up has been restored.