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  6. Configuring new Outbound Routes

Configuring new Outbound Routes

New routes can be added by selecting the Add button on the Outbound panel.




A unique name for the route.


If set, after a user has dialed a number that matches the dial pattern of this route, the user will be prompted to enter the pin code in order for the call to proceed.

Pin sets

If more than one pin should allow access to this route, leave the Route password field empty and specify a pin set here. The pin set needs to exist before referring to it here. Please see section 4.14 for details on configuring pin sets.

Time Limit

Optional hard timeout setting. If set, calls placed through this outbound route will be terminated after the configured number of settings. Leave blank for no time limit.


When enabled, emergency dialing indicates that the emergency CID set on a device or port should override all other CID settings and be sent with the call information.


When enabled, the CID sent with the call information is the internal, local CID, and not the outbound CID of the extension or trunk.

Note: If changes are applied while an outbound route has no associated trunk, the dial patterns for that route will be lost after the apply.