1.5 Administrator's Guide

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  6. Adding Trunks to an Outbound Route

Adding Trunks to an Outbound Route

Trunks can be added to a route by selecting Add from the context menu of the Trunk Priorities section of the route. The route has to be edited first before this option becomes available. If no existing trunks are included in the route, the context menu can be accessed by right-clicking the Trunk Priorities header.

A list of available trunks, including analogue trunks (FXO), BRI trunks, PRI, SIP providers and Trunk Groups will be displayed. Multiple trunks and groups can be selected for addition by using Ctrl-Left-Click.

Once added, trunks can be prioritised by selecting a trunk and selecting Up or Down from the trunk’s context menu. Calls will be attempted on the trunks in the order that they appear in this list.