1.5 Administrator's Guide

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  8. Ping Rule

Ping Rule

A ping rule allows the Com.X device to receive and respond to pings sent from particular devices in the internet zone (i.e. not on the local network, but rather on the external internet).



Source Zone

In a ping rule, the source will always be in the internet zone, so this field has been preconfigured and can not be edited using the rule wizard.

Source IP address

Access to this rule can be limited to a single IP address or a range of IP addresses on the same subnet.

Destination Zone

The allocated zone of your destination device. As this is an inbound access rule, the zone is pre-configured to Com.X and can not be edited from the rule wizard.


As this is a wizard for a ping rule, only icmp traffic is permitted. This field can not be edited on this type of rule.


The logging tag you would like attached to any logging on this route.


An Enable toggle. If unchecked, the rule will not be active.


An optional description for the firewall rule.