1.5 Administrator's Guide

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  7. VPN Interface
  8. VPN Client interfaces

VPN Client interfaces

To add a new VPN client interface, navigate to the network page of the Comma GUI and select Options, New VPN



Port Number

Port number on associated VPN server. Defaults to 1194.


Protocol to be used for traffic on the VPN. Select between UDP and TCP.

Remote Server Address

The IP address or hostname of the VPN server hosting the VPN.

HTTP proxy IP address

Optional: the IP address or hostname of an HTTP proxy server via which the VPN server can be contacted. Only applicable if transport is TCP.

HTTP proxy port

Required if HTTP proxy is used: the port of the HTTP proxy

HTTP proxy username:

An optional username for authentication with the HTTP proxy

HTTP proxy password

An optional password for authentication with the HTTP proxy

HTTP proxy retry

If checked, try every 5 seconds to connect to the HTTP proxy if not yet connected

Valid Certificates and Keys

A properly configured client requires a valid CA certificate, client certificate and client key. These are uploaded using the button below, and may be supplied separately (e.g. ca.crt, client.crt, client.key) or in a PKCS12 package (e.g. client.p12)


Click on the “…” button to upload certificates from your local file system to your client device.