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VPN Interface




vpns1 – VPN server interface

vpncX – VPN client interfaces (X=1,2,3…)


Describes the type of VPN interface, automatically configured to either VPN Server or VPN Client with a number index.

DHCP Client

Read only. Not applicable to VPN. A VPN server always has a fixed IP address, whilst a VPN client always receives its IP address from the remote server.


Optional setting to enabled or diasble the interface. Disabling the interface will remove all associated ip routes.

IP Address

The IP address of the VPN interface.Configurable only for VPN servers. The VPN server IP must end in .1.

Network Mask

The network mask of the interface. Automatically configured on client interfaces.



Default Metric

The metric of a network route is a property used by a routing protocol to determine whether one particular route should be chosen over another.

In conflicting cases, traffic will be directed towards the gateway containing the lowest value metric.