1.5 Administrator's Guide

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  6. Ethernet Interface Configuration
  7. Managing IP Routes

Managing IP Routes

Adding IP Routes to Interfaces

When an interface is configured with an IP address, an ip route matching that address and the configured subnet of the interface is autoimatically configured, associating the port with traffic on the subnet.

Additional routes can be added to an interface, ensuring all traffic to the associated address(es) is directed through the interface.

Routes can be configured for individual addresses as well as for a range of IP address, by declaring the subnet range after a ‘/’.

To configure an IP route, select the desired interface and select the Routes tab and then the add button.

Click Accept and then review and apply your changes.

Note: After applying network configuration changes, the unit needs to be rebooted or the networking service restarted.

Removing IP Routes from an Interface

Configured routes can be removed from interfaces by selecting the routes tab of the associated interface, selecting the route, and then clicking the Remove button. Accept and apply your changes.

Multiple routes can be deleted at once, by using CTRL-click to select all routes marked for deletion.