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  8. Frame Relay PVC Configuration

Frame Relay PVC Configuration

If the X.21 interface is configured for Frame Relay protocol, it is possible to add multiple PVCs (Permanent Virtual Circuits), which themselves are separate network interfaces with the usual configuration options. The list below shows a PVC interface entry.

<Figure 34 showing interfaces list that features a PVC interface>

PVCs are added by selecting Options → New PVC… The screenshot below shows the configuration of a new PVC.

<Figure 35: shows PVC interface configuration options>

The fields are described in the table below.



PVC physical interface


PVC encapsulation

IP/Frame Relay – Raw IP is encapsulated in the PVC frame

Ethernet/Frame Relay – IP over Ethernet is encapsulated in the PVC frame


Data Link Connection Identifier – number from 1 to 1023 (normally in the range 16 to 991) that uniquely identifies this PVC from others sharing the physical link

IP Address, Network mask, Gateway, Default metric

Same as for other interfaces

To edit a PVC, double-click its interface entry as usual. To delete a PVC, right-click on the interface entry and select the Delete option in the menu.