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  7. Creating Virtual ports for VLAN

Creating Virtual ports for VLAN

5To create a new virtual port on a Vlan network, navigate to the Connections page,
under the Network tab of the GUI. Then select New Vlan.



VLAN Physical Interface

The actual physical LAN interface through which this virtual port connects to the rest of the virtual network. This could be any of the LAN ports, or the internal dsl router on certain Com.X5 models.


A numerical identifier for the VLAN. Integer values from 1 to 4095 are valid VLAN identifiers.

Use 802.1p priority inward

If checked (the default), the VLAN priority field on the incoming packet will be mapped to a network queue priority on the Com.X device

Use 802.1p priority outward

If checked (the default), the QoS priority setting of the traffic source will be set in the VLAN priority field of the outgoing packets

DHCP Client

If checked, this virtual port will receive an IP address from a DHCP server elsewhere on the VLAN.


By default the port is enabled. Disabling the port prevents all functionality and will delete any associated IP routes. Re-enabling the port will recreate associated IP routes.

IP Address

If the interface is not configured as a DHCP client, a static IP address can be configured in this field. If the interface is a DHCP client, then this field can be read, but not edited from the GUI.

Network Mask

A network mask can be manually configured along with a static IP address. If the interface is configured as a DHCP client, this field will be populated in the DHCP negotiation process and can be read, but not edited from the GUI.


The routing gateway for this interface. Auto-assigned if DHCP Client is enabled.

Default Metric

Sets the default metric value of routes utilizing this interface.

In conflicting cases, traffic will be directed through the route containing the lowest value metric.

VLAN ports can be configured to act as DHCP and Comma servers. Individual and specific IP routes can be associated to the VLAN interface in a similar way as described in section