1.5 Administrator's Guide

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  6. Ethernet Interface Configuration
  7. Configuring an Interface

Configuring an Interface

Double-click an ethernet interface to configure the following fields:




Operating System allocated interface name


A description for the interface

DHCP Client

Determines whether the unit will try and obtain its IP configuration from a DHCP server. If not selected, the fields below need to be configured


By default each port is enabled. Unselecting this option will disable the port for all functionality.

IP Address

An IP address unique to the network. Auto-assigned if DHCP Client is enabled.

Network Mask

The network mask to use on the network. Auto-assigned if DHCP Client is enabled.


The routing gateway for this interface. Auto-assigned if DHCP Client is enabled.

Default Metric

The metric of a network route is a property used by a routing protocol to determine whether one particular route should be chosen over another.

In conflicting cases, traffic will be directed towards the gateway containing the lowest value metric.

Apply the configuration.

Note:After applying network configuration changes, the unit needs to be rebooted or the networking service restarted before the changes become active in the configuration.