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  7. Configuration of PPPoE Interfaces

Configuration of PPPoE Interfaces




A suitable name for the virtual interface.


A description of the interface, marking it as PPPoE.

Automatic IP

If enabled, the interface will attempt to dynamically receive an IP address via IPCP. If left unchecked, a static IP address can be configured.


By default the interface is enabled. Unchecking this option will disable the interface for all functionality.

IP Address

If Automatic IP is disabled, a static IP address can be configured in this field. If Automatic IP is enabled then this field can not be edited from the Gui.

Network Mask

The network mask to use on the network. Auto-assigned if DHCP Client is enabled.

Gateway Peer IP

The IP address of the bridge mode router handling PPPoE traffic. This could be an internal router (on select Com.X5 units,) or another router on the local network.

PPP Attached Device

The port through which the router can be reached. This could be a Lan port on the Com.X or the internal dsl router on select Com.X5 units.

PPP Username

The username of with which to authenticate with your service provider.

PPP Password

The password associated with your username, used to authenticate with your service provider.

PPP Authorization

The authorization method used to authenticate your account with your service provider.

PPP Service name

This field should be left blank, unless your service provider has requested that your configure your service with a specific name.

Default Route

If enabled, the PPPoE interface will be configured as the default route for any IP traffic to an address matching no other configured route.

Default Metric

The metric of a network route is a property used by a routing protocol to determine whether one particular route should be chosen over another.

In conflicting cases, traffic will be directed towards the gateway containing the lowest value metric.