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The connections page allows for configuration of some global networking parameters.

Double-click a field to edit the field and enter required information.



Host Name

The host name assigned to the Com.X.


The system domain name. Use ‘local’ to indicate a local domain.

Primary DNS Server

The system’s primary Domain Name resolution Server

Note: the Com.X uses an open-source, synchronous DNS lookup library. As a result, the Com.X makes use of a DNS proxy to facilitate DNS lookups. If the primary DNS is configured to an IP address outside the LAN (i.e. outside of the network gateway router) and this DNS server or network connectivity to the DNS server should become unavailable, the Com.X and the DNS cache might both block on DNS lookup, resulting in loss of SIP registration and general call failures.

Always configure the primary DNS as the LAN gateway router, and the secondary DNS as an external DNS server if so required.

Secondary DNS Server

The system’s secondary Domain Name resolution Server

DNS Associated Interface

The interface through which the Com.X expects communication from the DNS server.

NTP Time Server

The NTP server the Com.X should refer to for time synchronization in the NTP hierarchy.