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  6. Configuring Soft Keys and Line Keys on Managed Sip Phones

Configuring Soft Keys and Line Keys on Managed Sip Phones

The Com.X GUI offers a mechanism to provision the soft keys keys of compatible handsets. These keys can be set to transfer to, and monitor the status (through BLF) of : other extensions, conference extensions, queues, ring groups, parking lots and particular parking bays within parking lots.

Configuring keys individually

Right click the device and navigate to Advanced ->Switchboard.

Using this interface, the keys of the handset, as well as any extension modules to which it is connected,can be configured directly from the GUI.

<Figure 87: single SK selected for configuration>

Right-click the particular key you wish to edit, and select a destination.

If the user of the managed SIP Device is on a call, pushing the key will transfer the call to that destination. If no call is in progress, pressing the key will initiate a call to the destination.

By default, the DSS key will also show the status of the destination through the Busy Lamp Field. If the destination is available, the lamp next to the DSS key will be green. If the destination is busy, the lamp will be red and if the extension is ringing, the light will flash red.

Configuring Multiple DSS keys to map to consecutive extensions.

It is possible to simultaneously configure multiple keys to map to extensions. Right-click the Managed SIP Device in the hardware list. Navigate to Advanced->Switchboard and then select multiple soft keys by left clicking the first key you would like to edit and then holding shift while left clicking the last key in the range. To select non-consecutive keys, hold Ctrl while selecting the desired keys.

<Figure 88: multiple Dss keys selected>

Select the Extension option and choose the first extension in the range. The first highlighted key will then be set to the first extension selected and the subsequent keys set to the next extensions featured in the list.