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  6. Configuring Extensions on a Managed Sip phone

Configuring Extensions on a Managed Sip phone

By default, Line1 of any Managed Sip Phone will be enabled. Any further lines will first have to be enabled before they can be configured to support and extension.

Enabling Lines

To enable a line on a Managed Sip Device. Select the device in the hardware list. Find the desired line from the ports tree on the right hand side of the GUI. Right-click the line and tick the Enabled box.

<Figure 80: enabling lines on Managed SIP phone)

Assigning Extensions to Managed SIP Devices

Extensions can be assigned to the enabled lines of Managed SIP Devices using one of two methods:

Creating New Extensions

Extensions that have yet to be created can be created and assigned to the Managed SIP Device simultaneously.

To create new extensions that are assigned to the Managed SIP Device, navigate to the Extensions page of the GUI and right-click the particular line on the device in the ports list. Then select Assign.

Multiple extensions, with consecutive DID numbers can be assigned to multiple lines on the device by holding ‘Ctrl’ while selecting individual lines, then right-clicking and selecting assign.

<Figure 82: assign multiple lines>

Enter the DID of the starting extension, this extension will be assigned to the first selected line on the handset. The other selected lines on the device will be assigned extensions with consecutive numbers.

Assigning free extensions to available lines on Managed SIP Device

A free extension configured on the system can be assigned to an available line on a SIP handset. Left-click the appropriate line in the port tree of the Extensions page of the Com.X GUI and (while holding left click) drag the line over the entry of the desired free extension and then release.

A green tick icon indicates that the selected extension is available for assigning, whilst a red cross icon indicates that an extension is not available to be assigned.