1.5 Administrator's Guide

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  4. Commissioning the unit
  5. Managed SIP Phone Provisioning
  6. Adding a Managed SIP Phone as hardware
  7. Provisioning via Spreadsheet based configuration
  8. Adding hardware via spreadsheet

Adding hardware via spreadsheet

To add hardware via spreadsheet, first prepare a spreadsheet containing your handsets, extension numbers and settings (voicemail, DNS, NAT etc).

Navigate to Options and select Spreadsheet the import. Browse for your spreadsheet file and select ok.

A sample spreadsheet for you to work from is available here:

Note: The fields listed in the spreadsheet can vary and not all options need be configured. It is recommended that anyone using spreadsheets to configure phones first manually add a few managed sip phones to a unit and then export a spreadsheet of the configuration, which can be used as a template for all future configurations. 

Note: Provisioning from a spreadsheet will configure the extension automatically. Spreadsheets should not contain extension numbers for any existing extensions. If an existing extension number is present on the spreadsheet, it will be deleted and replaced by a new extension of the same number, featruing the configurations of the spreadsheet entry.

Note: If a handset in the spreadsheet already exists on the Com.X (identified by MAC address) the handset will be updated with the settings from the spreadsheet.