1.5 Administrator's Guide

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  5. Managed SIP Phone Provisioning
  6. Adding a Managed SIP Phone as hardware
  7. Manually add Managed SIP Phones

Manually add Managed SIP Phones

It is possible to manually add a device, without the device even being present on the network, however the MAC address of the device must be known. This allows for configuration of units prior to installation, or for the autoprovisioning of handsets that are receiving DHCP ip addresses from remote servers.

Select Options → New and then select the manufacturer of the handset.

Note: If a Managed SIP Phone is receiving DHCP from a remote server(i.e. Not from the Com.X), that dhcp server should be configured to set option 66 to contain the location /etc/commagui/autoprovision on the Com.X server.



Device Name

Choose a suitable name for the device.

Model Type

Use the drop down list to select the appropriate model

Auto IP

On first boot, request an IP address from the Com.X Manager. Once an IP has been allocated, the Auto IP field becomes disabled and the IP is statically reserved for the device by the Comma Manager, always issuing the same IP to the device matching the configured MAC address.

Mac Address

The Mac address of the device being added. This field is used to identify the device when it is physically connected to the network.

IP Address

An IP address unique to the device on the network. Auto-assigned if Auto IP Client is enabled.

Network Mask

The network mask the device should be configured with. Auto-assigned if Auto IP is enabled.

Attached Network

The network interface through which the device will connect to the Com.X.

Configuration Path

The location on the com.x at which the configuration is stored. This read only variable can be copied from the GUI if it is required elsewhere.

Autoprovision Firmware

If a .rom firmware file has been added to the Com.X via the file manager, selecting the .rom will install the selected firmware on the handset.