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  7. Adding an Auto-detected Managed SIP phone

Adding an Auto-detected Managed SIP phone

If a compatible phone is receiving an IP from a DHCP server on one of the ethernet ports on the Com.X, it should identify themselves as Managed Sip phones. To scan for a list of devices obtaining IP addresses from the Com.X, select scan and enable the auto detect option.

You will notice the number of detected devices (displayed in the top right hand corner of the GUI) increase.

Select Options, and then Detected to see a list of detected phones. Select a Managed SIP Device.

When configuring an auto-detected device the Com.X automatically detects and populates all fields with appropriate settings. The name of the device is defaulted to the Mac address of the unit, and this is the only field that should require (optional) editing.

<Figure 74-Managed SIP Phone detected>

<Figure75-ManagedSIP Phone config options>



Device Name

Choose a suitable name for the device. By default, this field is set to contain the MAC address of the device.

Model Type

On a Managed SIP phone, the device should automatically populate this field with its model type.

Auto IP

This option is enabled by default for a detected device.

Mac Address

This field contains the MAC address of the device, and is populated automatically for a detected device.

IP Address

An auto-detected device will have received its IP address from a DHCP server on the Com.X, so this field will automatically be populated by the GUI.

Network Mask

The network mask of an auto-detected device will be automatically configured.

Attached Network

This field will be automatically set to the interface serving DHCP to the auto-detected phone.

Configuration Path

The location at which the configuration file for autoprovision is stored. This read-only variable is available to be copied and pasted from the GUI.

Autoprovision Firmware

If any compatible .rom firmware files have been uploaded to the Com.X, they will be available as choices here. Selecting any .rom file in this field will install the selected firmware on the device.

Accept and Review/Apply your configuration changes.