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  7. Configuring Generic devices

Configuring Generic devices



Device Name

A custom name for the device

Model Type

The type of the device. In most cases this will remain blank for manually added generic devices.

Auto IP

Indicates whether the Com.X DHCP server should allocate an IP to the device on DHCP request. Once the DHCP lease on the IP expires, the Com.X DHCP server might issue a different IP to the device. To ensure a device is always allocated the same IP (static), disable Auto IP and enter the IP manually. If the static IP falls within the DHCP pool, the DHCP server will always allocate it to the device (i.e. the DHCP client on the device should still be enabled). If the static IP falls outside the DHCP server IP pool, the device should be manually configured with the static IP and its DHCP client disabled.

Please see section for more information on configuring DHCP services on an interface.


The device’s unique hardware address. May be left empty if an IP address is provided.

IP Address

An IP address unique to the device on the network. Auto-assigned (leave empty) if Auto IP Client is enabled.

Network Mask

The network mask the device should be configured with. Auto-assigned if Auto IP is enabled.