1.5 Administrator's Guide

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  7. Configuring Comma devices

Configuring Comma devices

Select a Comma device, and chose “edit” to configure the following fields:



Device Name

A custom name for the device

Model Type

The card configuration of the device. If the device was detected, this field will be populated automatically.

Auto IP

On first boot, request an IP address from the Com.X Manager. Once an IP has been allocated, the Auto IP field becomes disabled and the IP is statically reserved for the device by the Comma Manager, always issuing the same IP to the device matching the configured MAC address.

IP Address

An IP address unique to the device on the network. Auto-assigned if Auto IP Client is enabled.

Network Mask

The network mask the device should be configured with. Auto-assigned if Auto IP is enabled.


The routing gateway the device should use. Auto-assigned if Auto IP is enabled.

Attached network

The network interface to which the device is attached.

Note: the interface selected here must be configured as providing Comma services, or the addition of the device will fail with the message ‘Device not supported on this interface’. The Comma device manager only listens on and provides configuration to devices on boot-up on interfaces configured for Comma services.

Timing Mode

The timing source for the device. Options are:

  • Local: Recover timing from the local Com.X clock (i.e. this device is a clock master)

  • System: Recover timing from another clock master (i.e. this device is a clock slave) This is equivalent to the iTA “Network” clocking mode.

  • Bri/Pri Priority 1: Configure this device to recover clock from the first active ISDN interface (PRI or BRI)

  • Bri/Pri Priority 2:

  •  Configure this device to recover clock from the second active ISDN interface (PRI or BRI)

Note: On Com.X5 systems, the primary clock source is always the system, unless an iTA is configured as clock master (Line 1 or Line 2) on a PRI or BRI port. When using an X5 , it is an invalid configuration to configure any iTA as ‘local’.