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Load-balancing calls

Outbound calls can be load-balanced across telco interfaces or network routes using FlexPath.


Company A has 8 extension, and wishes to load-balance outgoing calls across two DSL links, each supporting up to a maximum of 4 simultaneous calls. The DSL routers have IPs and The company’s VOIP service provider has provided the company with the IP addresses of two SIP proxies: and


  • Add two SIP trunks, with distinct IP address end-points (in this scenario and These may be two proxies with the same provider, but for IP routing capability, the IP addresses must be different. When routing across telco interfaces, one would replace the SIP trunks here with trunk groups that contain the trunks to be used.

  • Create two outbound routes, one using the first SIP trunk and the other the second SIP trunk (or the appropriate telco trunk groups).

  • Create two FlexPaths, and add an Include rule that includes the appropriate outbound route for each. Point the first FlexPath to the first outbound route and the second to the second outbound route.

  • For network load-balanced scenarios, log into the Com.X and create IP routes to direct traffic to via and traffic to via