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FXO Trunk pick-up to test for trunk service

When installing a Com.X, at times it might be useful to determine whether a specific trunk port has been service provisioned by a device connected to the port. For example, the installer might want to check whether a legacy PBX is providing dial-tone in the trunk, or a premi-cell is available. This might also be of use if the wiring to the Com.X1 is not clearly marked, to determine which trunks have service.


  • create an outbound route called ‘trunk-tester’ with dial pattern ’99!’ and the trunk of interest included in the trunks list

  • Dial 99

Configure for automatic test on pickup:

  • Replace the dial pattern above with ‘!’

  • create a FlexPath called ‘trunk-tester’ and use the Include mode to include the ‘trunk-tester’ outbound route

  • on the FlexPath panel, assign an extension port to the trunk-tester FlexPath and plug a phone into the extension port

  • select the extension port in the Hardware panel and enable Immediate mode

  • Pick up the handset. If the service is active you’ll hear dial-tone or the service prompt.

Note: If immediate mode is not set for the automatic test configuration, the Com.X will still provide dial-tone on the extension as usual, which might be incorrectly perceived as an external trunk service, so be sure to enable Immediate mode on the extension port.