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Class Of Service

Any source of a call in the system can be pre-processed using a FlexPath. This allows class of service control on both outgoing and incoming calls.

Note: To block an extension from making calls, place it in an empty FlexPath (i.e. a FlexPath with no routes.)

Note: To allow phones to only make internal calls and limit outbound calls to the phonebook, create a FlexPath with only one route. The route should contain one include mode with destination ‘Internal’.

Note: Assigning analogue phones to class of service FlexPaths results in service loss while apply is in progress. Assignment of SIP phones to FlexPaths can be applied with no break in service.


  • Extension 301 is required to have access to internal and national dialing only.

  • Extension 302 is required to have access to internal, national and international dialing.



  • Two SIP extensions are configured:

Two outbound routes:

  • national access

  • international access

Two FlexPaths:

  • pathNational includes the national outbound route and the Internal include.

  • pathInternational includes both the national and international outbound routes as well as the Internal include.

Port assignments:

  • 301 is assigned to pathNational

  • 302 is assigned to pathInternational