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Include Routes

Include routes allow the inclusion of all, or part of existing routing contexts configured in the system, including Inbound, Outbound and other FlexPaths. Calls originating from ports in a FlexPath that features  include routes will, if no other route entries in the FlexPath match the call source, be forwarded to the route destinations specified in the order of includes.

Inclusion Context


Inbound DID

Includes all inbound routes configured on the device. These routes are listed on the Inbound page of the GUI. 

Inbound Direct

Includes configured extensions only (including services that have associated extension numbers, such as queues and groups). Excludes feature codes. This type forms a bridge between DIDs and internal extensions. If a call is inbound with a DID that matches an extension, having Inbound Direct enabled allows the call to be routed directly to the extension without the need for an inbound route.


Includes configured extensions and feature codes, as well as the phonebook and other internal applications.

Outbound destinations can also be included, as well as other FlexPaths. A FlexPath can include only one additional FlexPath. If multiple FlexPaths need to be in the include chain, chain them together by including the second in the first, the third in the second and so forth. Though multiple FlexPaths includes in a FlexPath are allowed, only the first will be processed.