1.5 Administrator's Guide

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  6. Adding a new FlexPath

Adding a new FlexPath

To add a new FlexPath, select the Add Path button on the FlexPath panel.




Unique name for the FlexPath. Spaces are not allowed in the name.


Custom description for the FlexPath.

Account Code

If configured, adds an account code to calls within a FlexPath which can be used to group calls for billing purposes.

Lookup Caller ID

If checked, the normal caller ID lookup will be performed prior to routing. If unchecked, the “raw” port ID will be used for CID routing.

Allow Directed Pickup

Other users of the system will be able to answer ringing calls to extensions in the flexpath using the directed pickup. (by dialing **<exten> from any handset)

Enabled Gateway Recording

If enabled, calls placed through this flexpath will be recorded.

Calls Originate locally

For gateway scenarios. If enabled, calls recorded on this flexpath will be marked as outbound in the recordings and CDRs.