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Campon Callback

The campon callback feature is an optional setting, configurable for each individual extension. The feature affects only calls between two internal users. If an extension, with campon callback enabled, receives a call whilst it is engaged, the caller is presented with a keypress option for callback when available. Once the initial destination extension has been placed back on hook, a call between the initial caller and target is automatically generated. First the caller’s extension will ring, and then the target extension, once the caller has picked up.

If the calling party does not press ‘1’ to accept the callback offer, the call proceeds as usual (e.g. to voicemail, or normal busy signal).

If the target extension has follow-me enabled, with a ringall strategy, the call will first be passed through the follow-me list, with campon callback offered only if no extensions in the follow-me list answer the call, and at least one of the extensions is busy.

Should the initial target extension be unanswered rather than engaged, the campon callback will only be offered if an extension attempted in the follow-me list is engaged, and also has campon callback enabled. In such a scenario, the campon callback will be attempted once the busy extension has hung up, with the resulting call attempting to connect the intial caller and their initial target, failing over to the now-available follow-me list if the user does not answer.

Follow-me configured with any other ring strategy will ignore follow-me on internal calls, if campon callback is enabled.