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  7. Advanced extension configuration

Advanced extension configuration





Enable this to enable voicemail for the extension.

Note: Disabling voicemail will reset any call recording settings that may have been configured on the extension!


The user pin used to access voicemail and features


An email address to which voicemail will be emailed

Call waiting

Enables the call waiting feature, allowing an indication to be provided to the user when an incoming call arrives while the user is on the phone

Campon Callback

If enabled, an automatic callback feature will be offered to local users who call to this extension whilst it is unavailable,

Call Recording

Use this field to select the call recording behaviour of this extension.

  • Enabled: Inbound and outbound calls will all be recorded.

  • Disabled: No calls will be recorded.

  • On Demand: Calls will record only when the user dials *1 in call.

  • Inbound Only: Only calls that extension receives will be recorded, but not calls which it initiates.

  • Outbound Only: Calls initiated by the extension will be recorded. All other calls will not be recorded.

Ring time

The number of seconds to ring before activating voicemail. This setting is ignored if voicemail is not configured, or follow-me is active

Pickup group

Assign this extension to a pick-up group, allowing other members of the pick-up group to pick up this extension when it rings using a specified feature code (*8). Specify multiple pickup groups using “,” E.g. “1,2,3” In order to allow an extension to be picked up using directed pickup (**) from any group, enter a * in this field.

Account code

The account code to be recorded in the CDR record for calls placed by the extension.

Note: FlexPath account code or outbound trunk CID override configuration may supersede the value configured here.


Password used to authenticate the extension. Only visible and configurable on SIP extensions.


When enabled, the system ignores the SIP and SDP headers’ address and port and replies to the sender’s address and port.

Outboud CID

Optional field to configure outbound caller identification