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Gateway Recording

Gateway call recording is accomplished using flexpaths. Typically, each gateway call will appear to the PBX as an inbound call followed by an outbound call. 

A typical trunk-to-trunk gateway setup will use one flexpath to direct calls from the legacy PBX to the service provider and a second flexpath to direct calls from the service provider to the legacy PBX. We take advantage of this configuration to mark whether a gateway call is inbound or outbound.

By ticking the “enable gateway recording” check box on the flexpath, we instruct the PBX to record the call. 

The “calls originate locally” flag is used to mark a call as an outbound call, since the origin of the call is local, in this case a legacy PBX sitting behind the gateway. Calls recorded in this manner without “calls originate locally” checked, will be marked as inbound calls.