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  6. Configuring Analogue Extension (FXS) ports

Configuring Analogue Extension (FXS) ports




Input gain

Indicates how much, if any, gain adjustment should be performed in the input direction. Values are in decibels.

Output gain

Indicates how much, if any, gain adjustment should be performed in the output direction. Values are in decibels.

Echo canceller

The echo cancellation delay and algorithm to be employed on the port. The delay up to which the echo canceler can compensate is specified in milli-seconds. An optional non-linear processing echo suppression algorithm (NLP) can also be employed during echo cancellation. If you expect the devices connected to the port to be in a noisy environment how-ever, you might prefer not to enable NLP, as it might result in the near-end noise being cut off when speech ceases. Some remote users may find this uncomfortable. NLP is recommended for quiet local environments. Please see section for a detailed discussion around echo cancellation.

Allow transfer

If enabled, the phone using this port is allowed to transfer calls.

Immediate mode

When enabled, ring tone is not provided when the phone goes off hook and the Com.X is required to take immediate action, such as dialing an emergency number. Please see section for more detail on using FlexPath with his feature.

Fax channel

Indicates that this port is to be used for fax. Enabling this setting disables echo cancellation on the port. Please see section 3.6.8