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Voicemail Blasting

Voicemail blasting allows messages to be added to a number of voicemail boxes at once.



Voicemail blast number

The extension to dial to leave a message to this voicemail blasting group.

Group description

Custom description for this voicemail blasting group.

Audio label

Select the audio recording or announcement to play before the voicemail prompt for this voicemail blasting group.A unique announcement serves to confirm for a user that they have dialed the correct voicemail blasting group.

Optional Password

An optional password required to authenticate before the voicemails are delivered.

Voice mailbox list

Select (using Ctrl-click) all the extensions that should receive the voicemail message in their mailboxes.

Default voicemail blast group

If enabled, this function removes the default flag from any previous default voicemail blasting group. If set, an extension, when created, may be specified to join the default voicemail blast group, resulting in it automatically being added to this group and automatically being deleted from this group if such an extension is deleted.