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Time Conditions

Time conditions check the current Com.X system time and compares it with the specified Time Group or Calendar to determine whether there is a match. The call is then routed either to a day-night entry if this over-ride has been enabled, or to the match destination if the current time falls within the time block specified in the Time Group or Calendar, or to the no match destination otherwise.



Time Condition Name

Name used to identify this time condition in selection lists that allow time conditions.

Override Code Pin

If Pin Code is set, then dialing the feature code will require a pin to change the override state

Invert BLF hint

If set the hint will be INUSE if the time condition is matched, and NOT_INUSE if it fails

Change Override

This Time Condition can be set to Temporarily go to the ‘matched’ or ‘unmatched’ destination in which case the override will automatically reset once the current time span has elapsed. If set to Permanent it will stay overridden until manually reset. All overrides can be removed with the Reset Override option. Temporary Overrides can also be toggled with the %s feature code, which will also remove a Permanent Override if set but can not set a Permanent Override which must be done here or with other applications such as an XML based phone options.

Time Zone

Specify the time zone by name if the destinations are in a different time zone than the server. 


The Mode for checking time conditions, which is either time group mode or calendar mode 

Time group

The Time Group that specifies the time range that results in a match for this time condition. If the current system time does not match this time group, the call will be routed to the no match destination. Please see Time Groups for detail on Time Groups.

Destination  matches

Destination to route the call to if the Time Group conditions are matched.

Destination non-match

Destination to route the call to if the Time Group conditions are not matched.