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System Recordings

Audio can be recorded and used in features such as announcements, IVR, etc. Recordings can be uploaded and made from an extension. Follow the instructions on the system recordings page.

Note: Remember to press the # key to indicate the end of the recording before giving it a name.




A custom name for the recording. This name will appear in selection lists for features that make use of recordings. If it conflicts with another file, then this will overwrite it.


A description of this recording to help you identify it.

File list for English

A sort-able File List / play order. Here, you can string multiple files together into one recording. The playback will be done starting from the top to the bottom.

Upload Recording

Allows upload of files from your local system. Supported upload formats are: WAV, aiff, alaw, flac, g719, g722, gsm, mp3, oga, ogg, sln, sln12, sln16, sln192, sln24, sln32, sln44, sln48, sln96, ulaw, wav, wav49. This includes multiple files, and archives that contain multiple files.

Record Over Extension

The system will call the extension you specify. Upon hangup, you will be able to name the file and it will be placed in the list.

Add System Recording

This option allows you to add any previously created system recording to the list of files above

Link to a Feature Code

Check this box to create an options feature code that will allow this recording to be changed directly.

Feature Code Password

Optional password to protect access to this feature code which allows a user to re-record it. This prevents unauthorized users from accessing the feature code for the recording.

Convert to

The file formats you would like this system recording to be encoded into. Options include alaw, g719, g722, gsm, sln, ulaw, wav, and wav49. Select one or more file formats.

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