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The phonebook feature allows names and speed dialing codes to be matched with extension and outbound numbers. It allows a user to dial numbers by phoning the phonebook feature code (please see Feature Codes for more details.) and entering the first three letters of a desired phonebook entry’s name, after which the call is transferred to the desired extension or an outbound call is placed with the desired number.This feature also enables lookups of users in the phonebook directory using the directory feature code (#).

Field Contents

Add Phonebook Entry

Name The name to look the first three letters up from.
Number The extension or outbound number to be dialed for this entry.
Speed dial code A speed dial code to associate with this phonebook entry.
Set speed dial The speed dial entry will be added to the database if this field is enabled.

Empty Phonebook

Empty Phonebook Delete all Phonebook entries

Export Phonebook

Export as CSV The Export Phonebook  allows you to export the entries as a CSV file.
Import Phonebook
Import from CSV The Import Phonebook allows you to import the entries as a CSV file.