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Paging allows groups of extensions to be created that will receive calls (provided the phones for the specified extensions allow paging).



Paging extension

The extension to dial to activate the page

Group description

A custom description for this group

Device list

The list of devices and extensions to include in this paging group


Announcement to be played to remote party. If set to Default it will use the global setting from Page Groups. If Page Groups is not defined then it will default to beep

Busy Extensions

“Skip” will not page any busy extension. All other extensions will be paged as normal

“Force” will not check if the device is in use before paging it. This means conversations can be interrupted by a page (depending on how the device handles it). This is useful for “emergency” paging groups.

“Whisper” will attempt to use the ChanSpy capability on SIP channels, resulting in the page being sent to the device’s earpiece “whispered” to the user but not heard by the remote party. If ChanSpy is not supported on the device or otherwise fails, no page will get through. It probably does not make too much sense to choose duplex if using Whisper mode.


When enabled, all supporting devices will allow two-way communication to all other extensions and devices in this list. I.e. any audio generated by any device will be audible to all other devices and extensions in the device list.

Default page group

If enabled, this function removes the default flag from any previous default paging group. If set, an extension, when created, may be specified to join the default paging group, resulting in it automatically being added to this group and automatically being deleted from this group if such an extension is deleted.