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Outbound routes

This feature allows advanced access to outbound routes and should only be used when the Outbound Routes panel does not provide sufficient levels of detail or flexibility given the administration need.

Route Settings



Route name

A unique name for this route.

Route CID

The outbound caller ID for this route.

Override Extension

If set to Yes, the extension’s Outbound CID will be ignored in favor of the route CID set above

Route password

An optional password. If present, users will be prompted to enter this password before call routing using this route is allowed.

Note: this is a single password for the route. Pin sets should be assigned using the Pin set field.

Route Type

(Optional) Whether the route is considered an emergency or intra-company route.

Emergency: When enabled, the CID field of the caller will be overridden by the calling device’s emergency CID value (if configured)..

Intra-Company: If enabled, the internal caller ID information will be retained, and not replaced by the extension’s external CID nor the route’s external CID.

Music on hold

If specified, the audio file will be played before routing the call. This allows country-specific or destination-specific messages or instructions to be played before placing the outbound call.

Time Match Time Zone

Specify the time zone by name if the destinations are in a different time zone than the server. 

Time Match Time Group

If this route should only be available during certain times then Select a Time Group created under Time Groups. The route will be ignored outside of times specified in that Time Group. If left as default of Permanent Route then it will always be available.

Route Position

Where to insert this route or relocate it relative to the other routes.

Trunk sequence for Matched Routes

This prioritized list specifies the order in which trunks should be utilized to route calls. the first trunk in this list is attempted, failing which the second trunk is attempted, etc.

Optional Destination on Congestion

Destination for calls that encounter trunk congestion. Default = Normal Congestion.

Dial Pattern




The prepend will be added to the beginning of a successful match. If the dialed number matches the patterns specified by the subsequent columns, then this will be prepended to the sequence before sending it to the trunks.


Prefix to remove upon a successful match. The dialed number is compared to this and the subsequent columns for a match (prefix + match pattern). Upon a match, this prefix is removed (stripped) from the dialed number before sending the sequence to the trunks.

Match Pattern

The dialed number will be compared against the prefix + this match pattern. Upon a match, the match pattern portion of the dialed number will be sent to the trunks.

Caller ID

If caller ID is supplied, the dialed number will only match the prefix + match pattern if the caller ID being transmitted matches this. When extensions make outbound calls, the caller ID will be their extension number and NOT their outbound CID. The above special matching sequences can used for caller ID matching similar to other number matches.

Import/Export  Patterns



Upload from CSV

Upload patterns from a CSV file replacing existing entries. If there are no headers then the file must have 4 columns of patterns in the same order as in the GUI. You can also supply headers: prepend, prefix, match pattern and callerid in the first row. If there are less then 4 recognized headers then the remaining columns will be blank

Export Dialplans as CSV

Export patterns as a CSV file with headers listed as: prepend, prefix, match pattern and callerid in the first row.
Additional Settings



Call Recording

This sets the call recording behavior for calls going out this route

Pin Set

If more than one pin should allow access to this route, leave the Route password field empty and specify a pin set here. The pin set needs to exist before referring to it here. Please see Pin Sets for details on configuring pin sets.
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