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Configuring streaming music

To configure music on hold to stream from a media server, select Music on hold from the Advanced menu, and then add a streaming category.

Please see section 6.14 for details on configuring a streaming music server.

Enter a name for the stream, and configure the music player command as follows, using the URL to the streaming server:

/usr/bin/mpg123 -q -s –mono -r 8000 -f 16384 -b 100 <url>

The -s switch redirects the music stream for PBX use

The –mono switch transforms the stream to 1 channel audio as required

The -f switch adjusts the audio volume. You can also try -f 8192 (softer) or -f 32768 (louder)

The -b switch configures an audio buffer of the specified amount of Kbytes. If your connection to the streaming server suffers from delays, consider adjusting this value. Setting this to a high value might result in a delay before streaming commences.

<url> represents the URL to the streaming server, including any protocol and port indications.

Use the optional -@ switch if the streaming server is publishing a playlist (e.g. .m3u) instead of directly streaming the audio (e.g. as in the case with the GNU MP3 daemon).

Submit and apply the configuration. This streaming category can now be used where music on hold selection is possible (e.g. queues).

For inbound calls you can set the music on hold class from the inbound route’s advanced context menu.

Warning: If you incorrectly configure the application entry above, applying might result in the apply freezing up. To fix this, restart the Com.X, correct the application entry, or remove the streaming music on hold category and apply.