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A DISA destination allows for an outbound dial tone to be configured as a destination on the unit. This could be used to allow particular external callers to make outbound calls through the outbound routes on the Com.X.




An appropriate name for the DISA destination.


The user will be prompted to enter this pin before a call can be placed from the DISA tone destination. Mulitiple pins can be entered, with each separated by a comma.

Response Timeout

The time, in seconds, for which the DISA is available before hanging up. If an incomplete or invalid number has been entered, the call will hang up after this duration.

Digit Timeout

The maximum time, in seconds, that the system will wait between digits being entered. If digits are entered and this time limit elapses, a call will be attempted using only the entered digits.

Call Recording

If enabled, records calls that use this Disa

Require Confirmation

Optional. Requests the user to confirm by pressing ‘1’ before requesting the password for the DISA destination.

Caller ID

The outbound caller id that the call will appear to have come from.


The context of the calls generated from this DISA. It is not advisable to edit this unless you have great confidence in your Freepbx knowlege.

Allow Hangup

If enabled, a call can be hung up using the feature code “**” while in call. This will present the user with dialtone again, and allow another outbound call.

Caller ID override

Detremine if we keep the Caller ID being presented or if we override it. Default is No. If you choose Yes the disa will pass the caller id set above.