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This feature allows multiple users to join a conference with two-way audio on all devices. Conference features include join and leave announcements, passwords, conference administration, in-conference menus, etc.



Conference number

The number to dial to access the conference

Conference name

A custom name for this conference

User PIN

A pin required to be entered by users in order to join the conference. This field is optional. The user must press # after entering the pin.

Admin PIN

A pin that identifies the conference leader (admin). This field is optional, unless “Leader wait” has been enabled. The user must press # after entering the pin.

Join message

If set, this audio recording will be played before a user joins the conference.

Leader wait

If enabled, the conference will not start until the leader has joined by entering the Admin pin.

Leader Leave

When enqabled, if the conference leader (admin user) leaves all users will be kicked from the conference

Talker Optimization

If enabled, all conference users who are not currently speaking will be treated as mute, with received audio that is no identified as talking being omitted. This prevents a build up of background noise

Talker Detection

Sets talker detection. Asterisk will send events on the manager interface identifying the channel that is talking. The talker will also be identified on the output of the conference list CLI command.

Quiet mode

When enabled, audio recordings associated with joining and leaving the conference will not be played.

User count

If enabled, the number of users already in the conference will be announced to a new user joining the conference.

User join/leave

If enabled, an announcement will be made whenever a user joins or leaves the conference.

Music on hold

If enabled, music will be played when there is only one user in the conference.

Music On Hold Class

Select the Music on hold category to be played in the conference. Selecting inherit will set the music on hold class to be the same as the destination that directed the call to the conference (for example, an inbound route or queue).

Allow menu

When enabled, users and the admin user can access their menus by pressing *

Record conference

If enabled, conferences using this conference number will be recorded.

Maximum Participants

Maximum number of callers allowed to join the conference

Mute on Join

Mute every caller when they initially join the conference. Note that if ‘Leader Wait’ is disabled, ‘Allow Menu’ must be enabled in order for callers to unmute the,selves.

Member Timeout

Specifies the number of seconds for which a user can remain in the conference before being automatically ejected. A setting of 0 disables this feature. Default set at 21600 seconds (6 hours)