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Announcements added as destinations allow messages to be played on inbound calls before transferring the calls to appropriate destinations. Announcements can play recordings created or uploaded as detailed in System Recordings.




The description of the announcement that will appear in selection lists (e.g. when selecting announcements for IVR)


The audio recording to play for this announcement


The key a user may press to repeat the announcement. If this is set, a delay will be inserted after the announcement has been played to allow the user the option of repeating. Allowed keys are: 0-9, *, #

Allow skip

If this is enabled, should the user press a key during an announcement, the announcement will be skipped.

Return to IVR

When enabled, after the announcement has been played, the call is transferred to the last IVR.

Note: Even if the call was transferred to other destinations since the last IVR, this will still transfer the call the the last IVR.

Don’t answer channel

If enabled, the channel will not be answered and the call transferred to the destination. If the channel supports early media, the announcement will be played as early media when the next destination answers the channel.

Destination after playback

Destination to transfer this call after the audio message has been played.