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The ViBE application from Voipex addresses the common issue of limited ADSL
upstream bandwidth. With many small offices relying on an ADSL line for both data
and VOIP traffic, typically, the upstream link becomes a limiting factor in the number
of simultaneous calls the network can support.

The audio stream of a typical VOIP call is only 8kbit/s, however the protocol and
network overheads introduced during transmission can often exceed a further
34kbits/s bandwidth requirements.

The ViBE application creates a tunnel between two ViBE end points, significantly
reducing protocol overheads on multiple packets and dynamically optimizing voice
compresssion, resulting in a much higher permissible call density over a single ADSL

Where a typical upstream ADSL link of 256kbits/s can support a maximum of 6
simultaneous G729 VOIP calls, a ViBE-enabled line of the same bandwidth can
support a maximum of approximately 28 similar simultaneous calls.

For further details on ViBE configuration and integration, please see the white paper
located at :

Note: The White paper referenced above describes the integration of a “Runway”
branded Com.X PBX with ViBE. The document is, however, relevant for Runway
and Com.X products.