1.5 Administrator's Guide

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Using FOP2

Once logged in to the Flash operator panel, the extension of the logged in user will
be displayed on the top left button, with the extension number in bold.

Notice the row of control buttons above the extensions. These buttons are used to control calls and call flow, offering options to (from let to right)

  • Initiate a call
  • Perform an unattended transfer
  • Perform an attended transfer
  • Transfer a call to the voicemail box of the target extension
  • Pickup a call that is ringing at a different extension. 
  • Hangup a call
  • Initiate the recording of a call in process

Operator extensions are afforded further privileges, allowing them to listen to calls in addition to the options available for normal users.

Operators are able to listen to other calls taking place on the PBX. Operators are able to simply listen to a call, or to “listen and whisper” . If an operator uses the listen and whisper feature, they will be able to hear the audio of a call between another user and an external caller. The internal user will be able to hear the operator if they speak, however the external caller will not be able to hear the operator.

Trunks, parking lot slots and queues are shown also displayed on the Flash operator
panel, and also offer visual indications of their busy state.

Operator users are also permitted to manage queues, by adding and removing agents from queues, and also by prioritising the order of callers, if they so desired.